Solar Properties Glossary

Solar properties are important when selecting screen fabrics, as the efficiency of the fabric depends on the colour chosen.

When selecting a fabric, there are a number of factors that should be considered.

All Texstyle screen fabrics are tested in the USA by Matrix Inc, when these tests are conducted the fabric and glass are tested together.

Property Explanations

Ts Solar Transmittance

The amount of energy transmitted through the fabric.

Rs Solar Reflection

The proportion of solar energy that is reflected by the fabric. The lighter the colour, the better the reflection. Eg. Solar View White reflects 64%, while black reflects only 6%

As Solar Absorbance

The proportion of solar energy that is absorbed by the fabric. The darker the fabric the more solar energy that is absorbed by the fabric. Note: The sum of transmittance, absorbance and reflection always = 100% (Ts + As + Rs = 100).


The amount of UV that is transmitted through a fabric. A Tuv of 7 means that 93% of the UV is blocked. This is important when considering protection of flooring, furnishing fabrics and furniture against fading.


Is the amount of glare a person receives through the fabric. The Green Building Council rating system requires a Tv of less than 10. Glare increase in winter when the angle of the sun lower.

O-F Openness Factor

This measures the proportion of holes in a woven fabric. 5% openness = 5% holes in 1 sqm. The more open the more solar heat admitted through the fabric. Openness also aggects the degree of visibility.