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WeatherMAX 80 Awning

For many years, the choice has been between waterproof and breathable fabrics but now WeatherMax offers a solution to both!

WeatherMax is highly breathable and still extremely water resistant.

Solution dyed SaturaMax polymer yarns ensure superior colour consistency, colour fastness and high strength. The long-term colour retention of WeatherMax is a match to any traditional acrylic fabric WeatherMax is made with filament yarns. These yarns can be stretched but recover to their original length completely. This provides a very stable cover that will not shrink or grow. Acrylics, in comparison, are made from spun yarns that also stretch under load but do not recover completely, leading to unsightly sagging.

WeatherMax 80 is woven using an Ottoman weave.

This is a combination of a plain and basket weave. This creates a fabric offering the best combination of strength, durability, and stability. It gives WeatherMax its firm feel and a very subtle ribbed texture, refined to the eye and luxurious to the hand. WeatherMax LT is woven using a standard plain weave to help reduce weight and give the fabric a smoother and lighter feel. The HydroMax finish is a highly water repellent impregnation which maintains the fabric's breathability and enhances its dimensional stability, stain resistance and resistance to the growth of mould or mildew on top of the fabric. The ability of a outdoor fabric to breathe is essential in reducing dampness, heat build up and condensation. This in turn reduces the chances of problems such as mould, mildew and osmosis etc;

WeatherMax is available in two weights and a range of colours.

It is an ideal solution for many outdoor applications. WeatherMax 80 (271gr/m²) Super high strength and durability combine with long-term colour retention to deliver a truly versatile outdoor fabric for a variety of applications. The industry's most balanced and cost-effective fabric available for awnings and other outdoor applications requiring outstanding durability, higher water repellence and excellent breathability

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