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Honeycomb Blinds

The Honeycomb blind collection combines style, versatility and functionality to create an innovative and modern window covering solution for any property.

Honeycomb blinds are composed of a unique cellular design where the air is trapped within each cell, creating an insulation barrier. Our blockout Honeycombs are manufactured with a metallised lining within the cells to maximise energy efficiency and insulation - keeping your home warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer.

Our Honeycomb blinds are available in light filtering, blockout or double cell and come in a range of different styles including top-down-bottom-up with a vast selection of colours to suit any décor.

Benefits and features

  • Can save up to 32% on heating costs.
  • Ensures the pleat will never fall out.
  • Available in sheer, translucent and blockout fabrics  
  • Standard Corded, Cordless, Clutch, Top Down Bottom Up, Day/Night, Motorised and Skylight blinds.
  • Easy to clean, anti static & dust resistant.
  • Block out fabrics block 99% of visible light and 99.9% of UV rays.

Cellular blinds are not suited where blinds will be continually moist as mildew can form. 

The Honeycomb blind Collection offers consumers a product considerably different to standard window coverings. Packed full of benefits, the blind is also beautiful to look at - adding real value and style to a home.

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